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The Farms

Our farm estate comprises 19,850 hectares of prime cattle ranching land, with 2,350 hectares at the Mavonde Ranch, 15,000 hectares at the Dombe Ranch and 2,500 hectares at the Inhazonia Ranch. We currently have approximately 6,400 animals across our farms and are set to increase this in the near future with our recently installed additional irrigation at Mavonde and Inhazonia.

Our farms are the first stage in our ‘field to fork’ process and we have the capabilities and expertise to rear the very best animals in a controlled but free range environment.


Mavonde is a breeding ranch principally stocked with a pedigree breeding herd of Beefmaster cattle, prized for both their weight-gaining ability and adaptability to the Mozambique climate. This herd produces our finest animals, from which we source the most tender cuts. With 368 hectares of irrigated pastures and a 48 billion litre dam, Mavonde is well placed for future expansion as our operations grow.


Dombe is a non-irrigated breeding farm which principally carries herds of local cattle such as Mashona and Brahman. Through our state of the art breeding programme, these herds are being crossed with pedigree Beefmaster bulls to produce high meat yielding and disease resistant animals, optimally suited to Mozambique conditions.


Inhazonia is our grass fattening ranch which sources animals from our Mavonde and Dombe farms when they are around one year old. Our animals remain at Inhazonia for a further six to seven months when they are then ready to go to our feedlot.

Inhazonia has 118 hectares of irrigated pastures, providing ample feed for our animals.