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The Feedlot

The Vanduzi feedlot is a critical element of our vertically integrated business model, allowing us to finish our animals for slaughter and provide the optimum animal size and quality for the very best cuts.

The feedlot sources animals either from our own farms, or from approved local producers through our sophisticated buying network. Through well-developed relationships with our cattle suppliers we are able to consistently source high quality animals, which results in top quality beef.

Animals typically enter the feedlot at 18 to 20 months old and remain for a further three months. Throughout their stay, their feed is carefully controlled to produce the perfect meat to fat content in our finished products. The utmost care is taken in preparing our cattle feed, the quality of which contributes significantly to the quality of our final products. All our feed is produced on Vanduzi itself, or sourced from reliable and trusted local suppliers. This includes bran sourced from DECA Limitada, a related company in the Mozbife group.

The health of our animals is critical to the quality of our meat. Animals are tagged when they enter the feedlot and are tracked throughout the duration of their stay from this point up until slaughter. The information gained allows us to ensure the animals are both disease and stress free, key contributors to high quality products.